Coal Gasification Power Plant
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Coal Gasification Power Generation System

POWERMAX's coal gasification power generation system(abbreviated as CGPS) is a kind of advanced power generating system intergrating coal gasification technology and efficient gas engine/generator. CGPS includes coal gasification (coal gasifier) and gas purification (detarrer, desulfuration equipment) and coal gas power generating(coal gas engine). Waste heat boiler and steam turbine may also be chosen to make a gas-steam combined cycle power generating system.

The process of CGPS: Coal is converted to low BTU coal gas. Sulfur content, nitrogen oxides, dust are removed in the coal gas purification section. The clean coal gas is then fired to generate electricity in gas engine. Exhaust gas of gas engine may be used by waste heat boiler to produce hot water or steam, which may be used in absorption chiller.

Coal gasification power generating system has high power generating effciency and good environmental characteristics. Efficient gas engine and clean coal gasification are combined in CGPS. Modulization is also adopted in CGPS. The power generating capacity is ranging from 100KW-20MW. One-stage, Two-stage circulationg Fluidized Bed and Twin-fire coal gasifier(100KW-5MW) are used in CGPS. 500rpm-1500rpm gas engine and Siemens generator are chosen in out gas generator sets (100KW-1200KW).

Comparing with other conventional power generating system, POWERMAX-CGPS is characteristic of

1). Short project execution period. The power plant is normally started up within 5-6 months after contract signing.

2). Low investment (including equipment, land, civil work and installation).

3). Easy operation. CGPS may be started or stopped any time. The switch time is very short.

4). Low water consumption.

5). Low operation and maintenance cost, Common technical workers are competent.

6). Less contaminants. CGPS is more environmental friendly.
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