1. is manufacturing, mounting and maintenance of biomass, coal and waste gasification systems, gas generator sets and the sale of components and spare parts of these

1. The continuous growth of our company,
2. The continuous improvement in meeting the needs and expectations of the customers,
3. The continuous enrichment of the product range,
4. The systematic growth of the position in the domestic and international market,
5. The increasing satisfaction of our customers.

1. Identifying the needs and expectations of our customers,
2. preventing the manufacture of products and services which do not meet the requirements,
3. The continuous improvement of the employees’ qualifications and the development of technical infrastructure in our production facilities,
4. planning and documentation of the quality activities,
5. Involving qualified suppliers to achieve the common goals,
6. providing the organization and resources to achieve the quality goals,
7. The continuous improvement of our products and services,
8. Taking care of the surrounding environment.
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