The major application of gasification is that the produced gas will be directly used for the generation of power(and heat). This can be either in stand-alone combined heat and power (CHP) plants or by co-firing of the produced gas in large-scale power plants. The installed power production capacity in the EU_25 countries is Approx. 700GWe in 2020 (based on an assumed growth rate of the power consumption of 2% per year). A target can be set to implement 10% of the growth of power production in the period between 2000 and 2020 with biomass-gasification plants.

In the view of decreasing reserves of fossil fuel and also because of aim of the world to reduce the dependency on imported fossil fuels, there is a growing interest in producing syngas from the renewable source biomass, i.e. 'biosyngas'. Biomass will play an important role in the future global energy infrastructure for the generation of power and heat. The dominant biomass conversion technology will be gasification, as the gases from biomass gasification are intermediates in the high-efficient power production or the synthesis from chemicals and fuel.

  • Generation of Power and Selling it to Grid
  • Generation of Power for Factory
  • Generation of Power for Village Electrification
  • Generation of Power for Irrigation and Pumping activities
  • Industrial Furnaces / Kilns
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Industrial Dryer / Hot Air Generators
  • Industrial Boiler(Hot Water, Steam, Thermal Oil)
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