POWERMAX Biomass Gas Generator Sets

Powermax biomass gas generator sets are characteristic of high efficiency, low exhaust temperature, simple operation, easy maintenance and stable running. With the function of automatic/manual control, electronic speed control, automatic fault monitoring, automatic shut-down and etc, POWERMAX gas generator may even be operated efficiently in long time under poor working conditions. Power ranges from 50-1200KW. High power output, lower emissions, lower life cycle cost(LCC), flexible gas application.
  • Deutz Series(50KW-250KW)
  • 160 Series (80KW-150KW)
  • 300 Series (300-500KW)
  • 240 Series (800-1200KW)
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Gas Power Generation Power Plant Chart (CHP/Trigeneration)
"Main Technical Specification of The Biomass Gas/Producer Gas Generating Set(50hz/60hz)"
1.POWERMAX can also supply 220v、240v、6300V、6600V、10500V、11000V、13800V high voltage output Siemens Generator.

2.The fuel gas can also be biomass gas, syngas, producer gas, coke gas and other low BTU gas.
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