Powermax offers a completely new process for gasifying coal. The systems uses a Downdraft process instead of the conventional updraft process. The updraft process (as is used) is one where the coal is fed into the gasifier from the top and the gas is also taken out from top. This leads to the gas entraining a lot of tar along with it as the gas needs to pass through the Pyrolysis zone  where the tars come out. In the downdraft process on the other hand, the coal is fed from the top while the gas is taken out from the bottom. This leads to the gas being almost tar free.

Powermax Clean Coal Gasification Technology and benefits:
Systems need no steam and are in negative pressure.
This ensures that there are no pressure related issues or explosions. Thus much Safer.
A State-of-the-Art Dry Gas Cleaning Technology is used to cool and clean the gas, depending on the application.
Thus the systems are environmentally sound as not only do they not generate tars, but also because there is no water that directly comes in touch with the gas for cooling and cleaning (thus no process water is created).
The system is completely PLC controlled allowing for safeties leading to system alarms, shut downs etc.

Specification of Coal that can be used:

We are currently offering the Coal Gasifier with Indonesian Coal as per the following specifications:

Coal Grade - ‘B’ Grade
CV - ≥5500 kcal/kg on ADB
Sulphur - ≤1.5% by weight based on elemental or ultimate analysis
Volatile Matter as Dry Basis : 20%-30%
Moisture - Around 12 to 18% on wet basis

Ash Content - < 5 % on Dry basis @ Ash Melting Point. > 1100°C

Size - Between 20 mm to 80 mm or above

If there is any other types of Coal available in any region, the specs or some samples could be sent to us.
We can review and confirm the possibility of using it in our Coal Gasifier.
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