Empty Fruit Bunch ( EFB )
The following types of solid wastes are generated from Palm oil industry.
(The indicative quantities of wastes generated and mentioned below is per 1 ton of full fruit bunch used.)
Palm Kernel Shells (Approx.6%)
Palm kernel shells are a good feedstock to be used directly in our Gasifiers without crushing and briquetting under moisture content less than 20%.
It also has very high calorific value which is a natural and excellent energy source for gasifiers.
Fines below 3 mm could be sieved out, briquetted and then used in Gasifiers.
Empty Fruit Bunch ( EFB ) (Approx.30%)
EFB could be shredded, dried and briquetted in a pellet making line.
The moisture content of EFB pellet should be below 20% with size requirement of 20-80mm.
The Gasification Temperature is around 1000-1100℃.
The syngas generated from our gasifiers features average Calorific Value above 1200 Kcal/Nm3.
Palm Fiber (Approx.14%)
Loose palm fibers generally have bulk density, which means the fibers need to be briquetted before entering the gasifier.
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