Powermax Proflie
Powermax is a green & clean energy company. Powermax has a long experience in producing and supplying environmentally friendly and high performing gasification systems and gas generator sets. We specialize in biomass, coal and waste gasification to energy systems and have a company history of 30 years.

Powermax have since the start in 1986 been specialized in biomass gasification power plants. Our gasification energy systems convert various types of biomass or waste or coal into: electricity, process steam, drying, industrial heating, district heating and etc.

Powermax has its own Development, Design, Construction and Project Management Departments. We have our own in-house gasifiers, gas purification systems and gas generator sets production facilities in China.
All our gasification designs benefit from more than 100 reference installations worldwide.
Powermax Competences
• We are the technology and market leader in Asia in offering biomass, coal and waste gasification power generation systems. We offer a
proven technology, high performance and profitable systems.
• We design, produce and deliver complete biomass and waste gasification power generation systems

including gasifiers, gas purification

systems and gas generator sets.
• We offer installation and supervision of our plants.
• We offer our own electrical installation crew.
• We have developed our own standardised process control solutions.
• We offer an extensive aftersales service with 24/7 support.
• Project Management – We convert projects into reality!

Our own Design & Installation Team consists of highly qualified and experienced engineers, who are responsible for designing our plants to comply with our customers requirements and standards. Each project, independent of scope and size, has an allocated Project Manager, who is responsible for the project management from project start to commissioning.

Powermax Philosophy
Powermax is dedicated to making the best biomass, coal and waste gasification power generation  systems available with very low emissions, engineered to meet the strictest regulations and guidelines.

We strongly believe in innovation and quality and seek for the best way to serve our customers' needs by having the capacity to design and manufacture our systems independently.

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