Powermax is committed to a secure energy future free of traditional landfill operations. Our mission is to deliver a network of carbon-negative, sustainable grean & clean energy facilities producing uninterrupted base load power, heat and liquid fuels on smaller to meduim scales which range from as small as 20kW Units which operate “Behind the Meter” right at the site where the biomass or waste is generated and the energy will be consumed, to “community scale” facilities which eliminate the local landfill, to “Inside the Gate” facilities at a large regional landfill operations. Ultimately, our goal is to promote energy independence, create local jobs and contribute to positive climate change.
As a company, we have the Social Responsibility to be a good steward of our natural resources and to protect and preserve our environment. This vision is shared by our officers, directors, employees, stakeholders, service providers, supply chain partners, customers, and clients. As scientists and advanced technology advocates, our goal is to push the boundaries of known science to build better pathways to an environmentally and economically sustainable future.
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