Waste Gasification Power Plant
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Powermax Waste Gasification Power Generation System

POWERMAX Waste Gasification Power Generation System is to use  RDF (fuel made by crushing, selecting, drying and compressing of the combustible rubbish) as raw materials and adopts the advanced technology of waste gasification to produce combustible gas. The steam produced from the burning of the gas can be used by the steam turbine to generate power (POWERMAX Waste Gasification Steam Power Generation Technology), or the combustible gas can be cooled down to drive the power generation of the gas gensets(POWERMAX Waste Gasification Gas Engine Power Generation Technology). In addition, the produced gas can also be delivered directly to all kinds of boilers or kilns for heating and thermal application; or to be supplied to residential users as their household energy. 

POWERMAX Waste Gasification Power Generation System has two types. The POWRMAX Waste Gasification Gas Engine Power Generation Technology includes three steps. The first step is RDF gasification, which converts processed RDF into syngas. The second step is syngas purification. The produced gas usually contains contaminants including dust, coke, tar and etc. The contaminants must be removed by the purification system and cooled down to ensure the normal operation of the gas engine. The third step is gas power generation through the gas engine. The high temperature exhaust flue gas produced by the gas engine can be reused by waste heat boiler to generate steam or hot water for civil or industrial use and can also provide heat for the drying process of the RDF.
POWERMAX'S  Versatile Solution Handles Most MSW Fractions
  • Food Waste
  • Textile Waste
  • Plastics
  • Leather
  • Garden Waste
  • Paper&Cardboard
POWERMAX'S Solution Converts MSW into Usable Energy
Minimal Pre-Processing.
MSW is Fully Processed and Converted to Useful Steams.
Landfilling is Totally Eliminated
Thailand Rayong 100KW biomass gasification power generation station(Wood wastes-RDF)
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