Biomass (Rice Husk) Gasifier Heating And Co Production Of Rice Husk Charcoal System
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Model of Gasification Boiler DFBG400 DFBG4500 DFBG4800 DFBG5500
Size of Boiler
(Steamed tons/hour)
2 3 4 5
Size of Thermal Oil Boiler(kcal/h) 1.2million 1.8million 2.4million 3million
Gasifier Type Downdraft Fixed Bed Gasifier
Gasification Agent Air
Range of Raw Materials Rice husks, straw, sugarcane bagasse, peanut shells, sawdust, seed shells, etc
Moisture Requirement ≤15%
Size Requirement ≤10mm
Gas Composition CO:15-20%;H2: 10-15%;CO2: 8-12%;CH4:≥4%;N2: 45-55%;
Biomass Consumption
APX 800 APX 1200 APX 1600 APX 2000
Gas Production(Nm3/h) ≥ 1200 ≥ 1800 ≥2400 ≥ 3000
Gas Heat Value 1000-1 100Kcal/Nm3
Ash Discharge Type Dry Type
Carbonization Yield% <30%
Note: The above data is based on rice husk as the raw
material, and there may be differences in data when using other raw materials.
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